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Video Chat for Online Shops

Offer 1-on-1 video sessions to shoppers with high purchase intent on your website. Answer questions, conduct demos, suggest products and even offer personal discounts on the fly—all in one seamless experience.

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Attention all retailers impacted by COVID-19, We have wonderful news for you.


From Home.


Help shoppers face-to-face right on the product page

Shoppers seeking help are placed in a queue or are immediately connected to a salesperson. The sessions run seamlessly from page to page and allow shoppers to use just audio or turn their camera on—it's up to them.

Lights. Camera. Sell.

Uptok - Live consultations

Offer live consultations right next to the product details.

Showcase products in action streaming live

Run product demos on camera and aid the purchase decision.

Uptok - face to face video chat

Build your brand experience one conversation at a time.

E-commerce + Real people = Magic

The best digital experience is a human experience. Unmask your smile and let it inspire your shoppers.

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions

An intuitive digital workspace to host remote shopping sessions

Salespeople can proactively reach out to the most active shoppers and greet them with a non-intrusive video stream right on the product page. No plugins involved.

Run the show like a pro

Showcase products in action streaming live

Suggest products and browse with the shopper.

Curate the shopping cart over video

Help curate the shopping cart one item at a time.

Offer unpublished discounts on Uptok Video Chat

Send an unpublished discount code to close the sale.

More face time = More conversions

Our super-intelligent algorithms are designed to maximize face time with your most active shoppers.

Uptok video chat customer insights data

Customer data in its purest form — built with trust.

Face-to-face conversations add the element of trust that has been missing from e-commerce. Collect information with shopper's consent and build first-party data like never before.


Rewrite your retail equation

Be open for business

Expand your reach to new markets while making real human connections without incurring the cost of a physical store.

Your team can be

Set up a sales studio or serve shoppers from home. Don't hide your smile behind a mask. Let it inspire them.

Face time with shoppers maximized

Sales team will be optimized for "active" shoppers across the total market instead of being bound by the traffic patterns of one store.


Sky is the limit!

Complex products
Tame complexity for shoppers
Experiential brands
Offer the human experience
1:1 meetings next to the catalog
Collection Orders
Build multi-item orders together
Design Centers
Curate the perfect look
Walk-ins are now welcome
Make eye contact. Now it's personal
Luxury Brands
Make it special

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