1:1 Live Video Commerce for Online Shops

Offer live video shopping sessions to the highest-intent shoppers on your e-commerce site. Conduct live demos, suggest products and offer discounts—all in one seamless experience.

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Talk to a real person while shopping


Help shoppers face-to-face. No scheduling needed.

Shoppers seeking help are placed in a queue or are immediately connected to a salesperson. The sessions run seamlessly from page to page and allow shoppers to use just audio or turn their camera on—it's up to them.

Lights. Camera.

Uptok - Live consultations

Offer live consultations right next to the product details.

Showcase products in action streaming live

Run product demos on camera and aid the purchase decision.

Uptok - face to face video chat

Build your brand experience one conversation at a time.

E-commerce + Real people = Magic

The best digital experience is a human experience. Unmask your smile and let it inspire your shoppers.

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions


A sleek digital
persuasion station

With everything your salespeople need on one screen, they can proactively reach out to the most active shoppers and greet them with a non-intrusive video stream. No plugins involved.

Run the show
like a pro.

Suggest products and browse along with the shopper.

Showcase products in action streaming live

Help curate the shopping cart one item at a time.

Curate the shopping cart over video

Send an unpublished discount code to close the sale.

Offer unpublished discounts on Uptok Video Chat

More face time = More conversions

Our super-intelligent algorithms are designed to maximize face time with your most active shoppers.

Uptok video chat customer insights data

Your customer data in its purest form — built with trust.

Face-to-face conversations add the element of trust that has been missing from e-commerce. Collect information with shopper's consent and build your first-party data like never before.

Does it...? It Does.

Works with most e-commerce platforms including Shopify

Uptok - face to face video chat

Plays well with your existing text chat apps

Offers several settings and options for the way you roll



Per Month 
1 salesperson
Greet one shopper at a time
Unlimited 1:1 sessions
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Per Month 
Up to 5 salespeople
Greet multiple shoppers at a time
Unlimited 1:1 sessions
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To design a program ideal for you
5+ salespeople
Custom Integrations
Volume Discounts
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Sky is the limit!

Complex products
Tame complexity for shoppers
Experiential brands
Offer the human experience
1:1 meetings next to the catalog
Collection Orders
Build multi-item orders together
Design Centers
Curate the perfect look
Walk-ins are now welcome
Make eye contact. Now it's personal
Luxury Brands
Make it special.