Attention all retail businesses impacted by COVID 19! It's time to rise anew.


From Home.

Serve your shoppers face-to-face with our revolutionary video chat platform built just for online shops.
Join our mission to create

1000 jobs


100 days

UPTOK is offering its revolutionary video chat platform free of cost* starting April 1 to qualified retailers directly impacted by COVID-19.

Here's the criteria to qualify for our COVID-19 assistance program:
  • You have a live eCommerce website, preferably on Shopify
  • You have one or more physical store(s)
  • At least one member of your sales team lost their job due the pandemic
Our goal is to put at least 1000 sales associates back to work serving shoppers online video and we want to accomplish that over the next 100 days.

Sign up and give it a try. All we ask for in return is your feedback to make our platform even better.

Let's build the new normal together.

Apply for our COVID-19 Assistance Program

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Serve shoppers with a smile.
Unmasked. Safe.

Be open for business

Expand your reach to new markets while making real human connections without incurring the cost of a physical store.

Your team can be

Set up a sales studio or serve shoppers from home. Don't hide your smile behind a mask. Let it inspire them.

Face time with shoppers maximized

Sales team will be optimized for "active" shoppers across the total market instead of being bound by the traffic patterns of one store.