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We ask that you watch this video before reading the text.

APRIL 8, 2022

I have yet to meet Kashif, the founder of Uptok in person. Yet, we have still managed to build a real human connection through meetings scheduled via video chat. We laugh, discuss ideas and talk business all as if we were in the office.

How is it that we have successfully migrated the real human connections built when working face-to-face to businesses ran remotely and why hasn’t this translated to online shopping? 

Human connection is powerful. 

The development of a digital society has seen a steady upward progression for years now. Think about the communities you identify with through impressions formed entirely online. There are brands I connect with simply because of their likeableness on social media. I’m sure we’ve all heard this line before “video content gets the most engagement”. 

Fundamentally as humans, we seek out social interactions. 

And video content creates a large virtual illusion of a social interaction. It’s not text your reading, not characters on a web page, it’s a real person talking to you. Imagine if this entire post were a conversation between me and you, you would be getting a more personalized experience with Uptok, we would be selling our product better and I would definitely be stuttering over my words a little bit more. The elements of sincerity that comes with face-to-face interactions is what make it so valuable. 

The progression of technology and where it is headed at this moment is sending us on a path of isolation. Take for example, the hours you spend online shopping or scrolling through social media. You may be under the impression that you’re highly connected, but in reality, it is your phone (or laptop, tablet, etc.) that is interacting with other technology. Not you, a person, interacting with another human being. 

Technology should be used to enhance human interaction, not further isolate us from one another. The personal element of conversation is how we build authentic relationships with one another. It might sound unnatural, but imagine being able to shop with a brand you love on their site, face-to-face. Or imagine if you, a brand, could give your followers a truly authentic digital experience? 

Behind the brands, companies and user profiles are real people. And real people deserve real interactions. If you are interested in exploring more about the power of video, come visit me or our cofounder, Emily, on Uptok’s website we’re there weekdays between 2:00pm- 4:00pm (CST).