Personalization gone hyper personal for B2B bulk orders

The jist

In a niche market like custom candy, JustCandy understood the necessity of converting on each interaction. To accomplish this, they needed to find innovative ways to address customers' needs, assist them in making informed purchases, and ground everything in an exceptional customer experience. JustCandy's offerings are extensive and highly customizable, particularly for large B2B orders.

1:1 Video Commerce enabled the sales team to guide B2B clients through their custom orders, support D2C customers in navigating a complex catalog, and ultimately facilitate conversions for all.

Overcoming the last click barrier

Research indicates that 65% of B2B customers may consider switching brands if the vendor does not personalize communication to their needs. In numerous B2B industries, growth is fueled by 1. expanding distribution channels, such as online platforms, and 2. diversifying offerings, including premium products. With increased choice and accessibility comes the demand for enhanced personalization. Distributors must effectively identify customer needs, target them at the optimal time, and establish a seamless customer experience.

Spreading smiles with candy

JustCandy, an Ohio-based distributor of bulk candy, boasts an extensive selection of customizable, seasonally packaged, high-quality candy and products. Recognizing the importance of targeting and converting every visitor to their website, they are prepared to invest in enhancing the customer experience to achieve their goals. With a wide array of packaging and shipping options available, JustCandy understands the value of catering to diverse customer needs.


One-on-one video chat for serious bulk order customers

Custom products need a custom experience. Making informed purchases while navigating extensive catalogs, personalizing items, and taking advantage of bulk discounts can be challenging for customers.

JustCandy's sales team implemented intelligent video calling for all customers, aiming to offer an exceptional customer experience, particularly for large B2B prospects. Complex orders often involve numerous questions, and JustCandy sought to demonstrate that instant video connections would effectively facilitate conversions.

Uptok's 1:1 video sessions enabled JustCandy's sales team to comprehend customer needs and drive sales through personalized conversations.

The future of commerce is in differentiating with a better, richer customer experience, expetially when personalization is involved. Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion

Erik Mandell
CEO - Just Candy

Results say it all



The overall conversion rate for all bulk orders paced was 70% higher than usual, during the time Just Candy had a video associate live on the website.

It only took a few B2B personalization bulk orders with video session to impact the conversion rate.

Higher Average Order Value

Primarily, the average order value rose as Uptok successfully reduced high cart abandonment rates for larger orders, proving particularly useful for personalized bulk purchases.

The higher average order value was attributed to the video associate's ability to cross-sell and upsell customers.

Incremental revenue generated

When video associates were live with customers in session, JustCandy generated an incremental revenue of $40 per minute, yielding an impressive ROI.

This outcome was achieved without any intent calibration, training iterations, or adjustments. The team hopes to triple this figure through optimization.

Live time for Uptok to pay for itself

Within 95 minutes of going live on, video associates generated enough incremental revenue to cover Uptok's cost for an entire year.

JustCandy started experiencing net positive value after the 95th minute of being live, showcasing the effectiveness of their investment in video associates.

Initial success of Intent Awareness

With a planned iterative optimization cycle, this figure can typically increase to 90% or more.

JustCandy aimed to engage with B2B or B2C customers shopping for personalized bulk items. Uptok's proprietary intent algorithm successfully targeted 60% of the appropriate pre-purchase audience.

As a customer experience professional, using video allows you to experience the human element behind the analytics, and makes the job even more meaningful.

The Uptok team was helpful in getting us up and running so that our team was quickly able to assist customers across their journey with JustCandy.

Lindsay Lawson
CX & Sales  - JustCandy

A massive challenge for B2B E-commerce is that customer relationships are personal. An effective personal relationship is rarely developed quickly, but speaking face-to-face gives businesses that power.

Working with the JustCandy team proved that. Watching them navigate customer questions, upsell, and get customers to close was a treat.

Kat Clark
Head of CX - Uptok Inc.