1:1 Video Commerce

Offer 1-on-1 realtime video sessions to high-intent shoppers on your B2B or B2C e-commerce site. Conduct demos, suggest products, and offer discounts—all in one seamless experience.

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Human factor + digital scale = Magic

Your customers deserve human interactions when they need it most. Face-to-face conversations, with AI as a sidekick, are the epitome of personalization and extraordinary experience.
Let's explore the possibilities.
Uptok Video chat for websites, portals and apps


Pick the highest-value customers for video

Offer video to the visitors who will benefit from a video call in the right moment. Uptok's intelligent technology enables you to pinpoint the customers based on their browse patterns, CRM Profile and our intelligent intent awareness technology.


Many ways to entice the conversations you want

Don't wait for the hand raisers to reach out to you. Instead wave hello and start the dialog yourself. Our technology looks for the right moments and friction points to trigger a video conversation. We have several features like smart triggers, video teasers and 1-on-1 live streams.


Offer a frictionless, guided experience

Wow customers with interactive features like co-browsing and micro-interactions. Navigate the website with customers as a companion, build complex orders and help them checkout — all while maintaining eye contact.


Turn friction points into "aha" moments
Rescue abandoned carts, unlock search dead-ends and errors, salvage expired coupon codes and out-of-stock items. These are the winnable moments.


Start audio only. Turn on video when comfortable.
Live video is an unexpected experience for shoppers. But don't worry! Uptok ensures that the customer can ease into the call with out any concerns.


The richest form of first-party customer data
With the customer's consent, the video sessions can be transcribed, recorded and archived. Every spoken word and sentiment becomes your customer data.

Intent Detection Works!

Our AI-driven intent detection technology maximizes face-time between the highest-intent prospects and your trained sales team to increase lead capture and deal flow to enhance your pipeline while building strong relationships.

Return on Live Video Time / Salesperson

Let’s do the math for your business
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Big-ticket shopping — no-brainer!

Complex Purchases
Big ticket items, complex purchases where unaided conversion is generally low.
Luxury Brands
Offer exclusive 1:1 white glove service and make your customers feel special.
Furniture & Home Furnishings
Custome furniture shopping is consultative. Why not try shoppable video calling?
Appliances & Electronics
Not just conversions and basket size, dramatically reduce returns too.
Made-to-order Products
No digital experience is better than a human experience for customization.
Bring the dispensary to the living rooms of your curious cannabis shoppers.


The Ultimate Persuasion Station

Smart queue
Prospects requesting a session
Customer info card
Capture info during session
High intent customers
Stream and greet
Suggest products
Upsell, cross sell...
Customer's activity
Follow along their journey
Discount Codes
Personalized, fully integrated
A modern and intuitive workspace lets you run the show like a pro.
Uptok's Co-founder, Emily offers a wakeup call to all eCommerce businesses.


The most customizable Live B2B Video Sales Solution on the planet
Custom intent detection 
unique to your business
Customizable customer's experience
GDPR Compliance and 
enterprise security
Privacy & consent management
Seamless integrations with your text chat
Extensive audio & video settings
Remote video routing by 
location or specialty
Any language with customizable messaging
Dedicated agile team for 
fast integrations
Everything is on the menu.
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Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion.

Erik Mandell — CEO - Just Candy
It is a very intelligent platform. What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.

Jakub D., Ecommerce — LG Brand Store
We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life at a whole different level.

Andrea Ghirardi — CEO L-Nutra Europe
Uptok enabled our budtenders to offer a personal approach that they hadn't been able to provide before.

Kristie Shaw — VP Store Ops - Mission Dispensaries

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