Video Chat for Beauty Brands

Are you an online makeup or cosmetics brand looking to engage shoppers with a personalized experience? Whether you're selling clean makeup or bold lashes, there is nothing more experiential than getting online beauty consultants face-to-face with shoppers on video.

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What is Uptok?


Offer live one-on-one beauty consultations

Active shoppers are placed in a queue or are immediately connected to a beauty expert once requested. The sessions run seamlessly from page to page and allow shoppers to use just audio or turn their camera on—it's up to them.


Got an active shopper on the site? Wave hello!

Our sophisticated algorithm looks for active shoppers with the highest intent to buy. You can greet them with a non-intrusive silent video stream, indicating that you are available to help or consult.

Salesperson serving shoppers on Uptok video shopping platform


Cure shopping paralysis in the sea of swatches

Our platform allows you to share any product from your catalog directly to a shopper during a video session. Simply start typing the name of the product, select the item, and push send. Selling makeup online has never been easier.  

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions

The Uptok Blog

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