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All About Virtual Beauty: How Technology is Transforming the Beauty Industry

February 18, 2022

It's no secret that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the technologies of the future. And, as we inch closer to a fully digital world , it appears that these emergent technologies are set to have a major impact on society. One industry ripe for transformation is cosmetics. When people hear "virtual beauty" many of them think of virtual makeup applications. After all, makeup has been a beauty staple for decades.

However, the possibilities are far more diverse than that. With virtual beauty becoming increasingly popular, new technologies are emerging that offer both consumers and cosmetic brands alike an exciting insight into the future of cosmetics. Let's take a look at how technology is intertwined with the beauty industry.

The Beauty of Virtual Makeup

One way that virtual reality in retail is changing beauty is through virtual makeup applications. In a world where everyone has a busy schedule, cosmetics have become more of a convenience than a luxury. Let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate the opportunity to save time on their beauty routine? That sentiment has contributed to the rise of virtual beauty applications.

When a woman accesses a virtual makeup app, she can digitally "try on" various shades and styles of makeup in real time. There are numerous benefits for both consumer and brand when virtual makeup is used in tandem with AR technology. For brands, it offers an unparalleled insight into their products. Cosmetics companies can quickly create a library of different looks that they can circulate to consumers. As the cosmetics brand is not limited by physical space, it is possible for them to offer hundreds of makeup looks.

The impact on the consumer is just as striking. They not only get access to an average of thirty thousand beauty product options but they also get to experiment with various shades and styles of makeup.

At this point, you might be thinking "animated models" when someone mentions virtual beauty applications. However, there is more to it than that. Because virtual cosmetics provide such a diverse number of looks, the consumer can also opt for hybrid makeup styles by mixing and matching different colors and products. This is an exciting development for brands, as their products are being used more creatively than ever before.

Virtual Cosmetic Surgeries: A Look into the Future?

It's not just virtual makeup that's bringing a digital revolution to the beauty industry. In fact, it appears that some people want to apply technology to cosmetic surgery as well. The future of cosmetic surgery is virtual reality based reconstruction.

Cosmetic procedures like nose jobs and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can be uncomfortable and costly. This has led to a growing trend among consumers who want to experiment with these procedures without the physical risks or financial costs. Virtual cosmetic reconstructions are an emerging method of cosmetic surgery that uses photogrammetry and virtual reality to create digital reconstructions of people's faces.

A woman can record her face using an app like the 3-D selfie app. Then, the surgeon will use the information recorded in the photo to digitally recreate a composite image of her face. After the patient has approved the reconstruction, the surgeon will use it to create a custom implant. The benefit for consumers is that they can get a preview of what they might look like after cosmetic surgery before the actual procedure takes place.

Virtual reconstructions are already used in some surgeries and experts predict that it could become commonplace within the next five years. This would be an exciting development for consumers and cosmetic surgeons alike. For consumers, it offers a digital alternative that is safer and more affordable than physical reconstructions. For the cosmetic surgeon, virtual reconstructions offer an unparalleled insight into their patients' facial structures.

Best Customer Service Experience

Virtual retail and video chat consultations are also making its presence felt in the beauty industry, offering customers a seamless experience not available before. Previously customers had to venture to a mall to get face-to-face with a makeup artists or skincare specialists who could recommend the perfect face cream for oily skin or a great foundation for beginners. Now customers are seeing their favorite e-commerce retail .coms offer video chat directly from their websites. Customer service, especially in business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, has already changed the way customers interact with brands through online experiences. Users can now get their questions answered immediately while gaining access to more information than ever before. In retail, having a strong mobile and online strategy is as important as ever.


In a world where consumers are becoming accustomed to the conveniences afforded by technology, it is no surprise that virtual beauty applications and support have become a growing trend. As virtual reality becomes more prevalent in everyday life, it will be interesting to see how its role in beauty will evolve. In addition to virtual makeup and cosmetic reconstructions, there could be even more developments in the future. Virtual makeup is just one of many examples of how virtual reality in retail is changing the beauty world for the better.