Join the Human-to-Human Movement

Uptok is building a partnership of creative thinkers and tech enablers to build the omni-channel digital ecosystem based on face-to-face conversations.

What we bring to the table:

Revenue Sharing

We want customers.

A generous top-line revenue sharing opportunity for any business introduced by our partner.

Low-lift Pilot Programs

We want success stories.

We will minimize the upfront cost barriers towards truly strategic opportunities leading to cases studies.

Success Stories

We want to co-own the future with you.

Imagine co-authoring a "Human-to-Human" digital CX success story. It is a business model breakthrough for the post-AI world.

What you bring:

Client Opportunities

You want disruptive glory.

Your clients deserve a diversity of thought leadership. Let's bring them something that is not just another faster/cheaper human-less automation tactic at the cost of experience.

360° Strategy

You want the ecosystem.

You know your client's customer journeys the best. You know the analytics and you understand their challenges. We're more than a SaaS tool. We'll invest in building a strategic proposition with you.

Two-way Integrations

You want more no-brainer work.

Once the Human-to-Human CX becomes a mainstream digital channel, the opportunity to integrate and build around it will be unlimited. Let's unlock such opportunities.

Plugged into the world's most future-forward platforms

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