How it Works

Hit Start. Start Selling.

Uptok allows you to serve shoppers face-to-face on your e-commerce website. It pairs high-intent shoppers with your salespeople and lets them run shopping sessions seamlessly as the shopper browses from page to page.

Let's take a closer look.


Pick the most active shoppers and greet them on video

Our highly sophisticated algorithm looks for active shoppers with the highest intent to buy. You can greet them with a non-intrusive silent video stream, indicating that you are available to help.


Shoppers asking for help are added to a priority queue

Shoppers can use audio and turn on or turn off their camera. It's up to them. The session starts immediately if a salesperson is available. If everyone is busy, the request will be held in the queue with a timer.


Offer a shopping experience worthy of your brand

Run high-quality video sessions from anywhere. You can create a nice ambiance that speaks your brand. The key is to serve the shopper with passion and personality.


Shopper's activity is streamed in real-time

The shopper's activity is available so that you can assist them with context. View which products they have visited. All session history is archived in accordance with your privacy policy and terms.


Build the customer profile with their consent

Start a relationship with your customers as you put a face to the name. This is the purest form of your first-party customer database, built with their consent in accordance with CCPA & CalOPPA, GDPR, and ePrivacy.


Look up products and make recommendations

Product recommendations appear to the shopper in a nice pop-up above the video. You can up-sell, cross-sell, or help curate their order item by item.

Works with Shopify. Other platforms coming soon.

Offer a personalized discount code during session

Based on a predefined criteria, have the sales team generate personalized, single-use discount codes and send it to the shopper to close the sale. The code will be ready for redemption in Shopify.

Works with Shopify. Other platforms coming soon.

Don't just win customers. Win hearts.

Uptok is a blank canvas where you can paint your brand's experience one conversation at a time.



Per Month 
1 salesperson
Greet one shopper at a time
Unlimited 1:1 sessions
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Up to 5 salespeople
Greet multiple shoppers at a time
Unlimited 1:1 sessions
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