Re-Humanize Shopping

When there were no price tags, no credit cards and not even the concept of money...
there was shopping.

The moment of purchase did not need much —just a buyer, a seller, and a product.
One human being offering a proposition, and the other willing to entertain it.

The first e-Commerce transaction took place in 1994. The product wasn't physically there. Neither was the seller. What a remarkable leap of technology.

A quarter of a century later, which is just a blink in the history of shopping, only one out five purchases take place online and only 2 out of every 100 shoppers actually buy.

We believe that E-commerce is missing the biggest factor in its equation
— the human factor.

People don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves. The very act of shopping adds a sense of meaning that is always reflected in the value of the product. We have been diminishing that value in our mad rush for automation at the cost of a great experience. Not any more.

This is our calling.
We shall re-humanize shopping.

We pledge to bring the magic back into the moment of purchase, as a shared experience amongst real people. Our technology will never undermine the shared joy of shopping
— it will only elevate it.

Brands of the future will ride on our shoulders.