Virtual Clienteling for Websites

Welcome your most valued customers face-to-face as they "walk-in" to your website.
Offer a premium customer experience online — a human experience.

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Hassle eliminated!

No clunky chat bots to dodge. No annoying contact forms. Uptok is "human-first".  
Why go through scheduling hassles when you can serve now?

High-value customers first!

Our AI-driven intent detection technology maximizes face-time between the most valued customers and your video associates to significantly increase customer lifetime value. We integrate with your CRM or Customer Data Platform.
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Virtual Clienteling done right!

Luxury Brands
Offer a no-compromise high-end virtual shopping experience to your VIP customers
Configure, Price, Quote
Every repeat purchase is an opportunity to invest in the relationship
Account-based Businesses
Deep relationships. High stakes. Why schedule when you can serve now.
B2B Distributers
Offer 1:1 video on your customer ordering portal and increase repeat sales.
Video Concierge
Be the go-to vendor by assisting with complex orders and eliminating hassle.
Product + Consultation
A "walk-ins welcome" experience for products that need followup consultations.

Enterprise Ready

The most extensive Live Video Clienteling Solution on the planet
High-value customer detection
Customizable virtual shopping experience
GDPR Compliance and 
enterprise security
Privacy & consent management
Seamless integrations with your text chat
Extensive audio & video settings
Remote video routing by location or specialty
Any language with customizable messaging
Dedicated agile team for fast integrations
Everything is on the menu.
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The Ultimate Persuasion Station

Smart queue
Prospects requesting a session
Customer info card
Capture info during session
High intent customers
Stream and greet
Suggest products
Upsell, cross sell...
Customer's activity
Follow along their journey
Discount Codes
Personalized, fully integrated
A modern and intuitive workspace lets you run the show like a pro.
Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion.

Erik Mandell — CEO - Just Candy
It is a very intelligent platform. What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.

Jakub D., Ecommerce — LG Brand Store
We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life at a whole different level.

Andrea Ghirardi — CEO L-Nutra Europe
Uptok enabled our budtenders to offer a personal approach that they hadn't been able to provide before.

Kristie Shaw — VP Store Ops - Mission Dispensaries

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Our customer success team will be there every step of the way to rehumanize your shopper's experience.

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