1:1 Video Chat for
Health & Wellness Websites

Offer 1-on-1 health and nutrition consultations to patients and customers. Acquire new patients through a digital "walk-ins" feature on your website. Inspire potential patients by providing value-driven, personalized care solutions.

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Value-based Care Through Video

Cultivate meaningful relationships with patients, clients, and partners by engaging in genuine face-to-face interactions, enabling unparalleled patient personalization. Build trust and demonstrate value through direct, face-to-face advice.

Why Video Consultations?

leads to high value
A few minutes with a new or current patient is always worth the investment in relationship
fuels the relationship
Trust barrier is the most important barrier to overcome for new patient acquisition
Advice unlocks the magic
Good advice is always personal. Generic experiences don't stand a chance in health
drives the business
Walk-in patients always have an emotional need: urgency, comfort and risks
serves the bottomline
New patients aside, walk-in video consultation can help keep the current customers
is always consultative
Pharmaceuticals, medical devices or a specialty practices, consultative dialog is key

Business to Consumers & Patients

Nutrition & Wellness Programs
Inspire curious customers to join your program through video conversations
Cosmetic Practices
Take your patient acquisition to a new level with human-first interactions
On-demand Health
Offer the perk of digital "walk-ins welcome" to your patients
Educate users on the benefits of your drugs one conversation at a time
Medical Devices
From prosthetics to mobility and at-home installations for long-term care
Upgrade from point-and-click personalizations to face-to-face orders

Business to Business

Medical Equipement
Build complex equipement quotes with customers live. Walk-ins Welcome!
Suppliers & Distributors
Serve your high value customers with personalized service over video
Post-purchase support
Offer video-based support to your high value customers in your B2B portal


The Ultimate Patient Engagement Station

Smart queue
Prospects requesting a session
Customer info card
Capture info during session
High intent Patients
Stream and greet
Suggest care options
Educate and inspire
Patient's activity
Follow along their journey
Offer incentives
Personalized, fully integrated
A modern and intuitive workspace lets you run the show like a pro.
Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion.

Erik Mandell — CEO - Just Candy
It is a very intelligent platform. What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.

Jakub D., Ecommerce — LG Brand Store
We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life at a whole different level.

Andrea Ghirardi — CEO L-Nutra Europe
Uptok enabled our budtenders to offer a personal approach that they hadn't been able to provide before.

Kristie Shaw — VP Store Ops - Mission Dispensaries

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