LG brand inspiration center in Poland goes human-to-human

The jist

ProaStore, a prominent European retailer specializing in premium electronics and appliances, has partnered with Uptok, a Chicago-based startup, to introduce live, one-on-one video commerce technology to European consumers. This collaboration aims to strengthen ProaStore's direct-to-consumer initiative by offering a more personalized and interactive shopping experience.

A Pandemic Pivot

Just months prior to the global upheaval caused by the pandemic, luxury electronics were showcased in state-of-the-art retail spaces, patiently awaiting the return of consumers. In response to this unforeseen shift, LG ProaStore's eCommerce team swiftly adapted by collaborating with Uptok. Together, they brought the in-store experience to customers' homes through live video chat capabilities on the website, seamlessly connecting shoppers with the products they desired

Personalized customer assistance is only one click away

With Uptok, ProaStore advisors can provide one-on-one assistance to shoppers as they browse products on the website. They are able to conduct demos, answer questions, recommend products, and even offer personalized discounts.

While the primary focus of LG Brand Store is to inspire consumers rather than drive sales, the impact of a brand supporting its products and investing in educating and inspiring customers through individual conversations is invaluable. In the realm of physical shopping, immersive brand showrooms are not new; however, in the digital world, Uptok's technology overcomes barriers, facilitating human-to-human dialogues via video. The LG ProaStore team was thrilled about this development.

What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.I, not only, believe in their product, but also I believe in their mission to re-humanize shopping.

It is a very intelligent platform. It does what it promises to do. I am rooting for Uptok's success because they deserve it.

Jakub Dolata
Ecommerce Manager, LG Brand Store



Expert advice makes the difference for a brand store

Video chat simplifies providing expert advice to customers. With features like intent detection, product sharing, and customer journey visibility, LG ProaStore's specialists can offer top-notch advice and recommendations.

Interactive co-shopping adds value

Uptok's screen share functionality proved helpful for guiding customers through LG ProaStore's extensive website. By remaining on video and directing customers, LG ProaStore was able to deliver an excellent co-shopping experience.

Staying true to the spirit of innovation

Demonstrating true innovation, LG ProaStore seamlessly transitioned the in-person showroom experience to customers' homes. Video proved particularly useful for demoing products to those unable to visit in person.

Power of the upper funnel engagement

Most products in ProaStore's showroom are high-ticket items, which often require extensive pre-purchase research and comparison. By being readily available during customers' buying journeys, ProaStore employees kept shoppers on their website and recommended products from their physical showroom.

Speaking to a real human

LG ProaStore's face-to-face conversations created a unique customer experience, offering a genuine human-to-human interaction. Customers were greeted without hurdles or lead forms, and specialists naturally gathered customer information during the call.

I find it very encouraging to see premium retailers realize the importance of the human factor in its direct-to-consumer vision. It is especially critical for luxury brands to be face-to-face with shoppers because the element of trust and personalized service is the lifeblood of the luxury customer journey.

Good content, photos, and videos were never enough to make the sale online. The best customer experience, by far, is the dedicated attention of a brand representative to have a face-to-face conversation with the shopper.

Kashif Zaman
CEO — Uptok Inc