A health revolution with the human spirit at its core

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ProLon is revolutionizing the video commerce landscape in Italy, by elevating their service to be as technologically advanced as their products. Recognizing the value of personalized nutrition consultations for both prospective and current customers, the company sought to expand their reach and enhance the effectiveness of these interactions. Each customer’s health journey is unique, and their brand experience should be too.

1:1 Video Commerce allows their nutritionists to immediately get in front of customers in real-time to answer questions and give advice - and no one else is doing it.

It's not a purchase.
It's a pledge.

Health & wellness has become a $1.5 trillion industry worldwide. As consumers have become more committed to their health, they have also gained more purchasing power. As the competition heats up, the need to stand out and effectively target and retain customers becomes more crucial than ever.

Smart fasting revolution

ProLon is a fast-mimicking solution backed by 20 years and $36 million in R&D used by over 1 million customers to reset their bodies. They maintain a fervent commitment to their customers, and are prepared to invest in human-first solutions to meet customer needs and stand out in the market.


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A consultative experience is exactly what ProLon needs to set themselves apart in the market. Uptok’s 1:1 video solution allows nutritionists to guide prospective shoppers through products, and also provide ongoing support.

Optimizing health and longevity requires consistent support in order to create lifetime customers. ProLon customers are able to request a video or audio call from anywhere, and nutritionists can share products and discount codes.

ProLon’s Italian arm rolled out a controlled pilot with Uptok to prove the hypothesis that one-on-one live video sessions will be well-received in the health & wellness market, and result in an overall enhanced customer experience.

The test offered instant video consultations to two of Italy’s nutritionists to field inbound customer calls. The  goal was to allow the nutritionists to instantly connect with customers to consult mid-fast, advise prospective customers, and recommend additional products.

Our mission at L-Nutra is to enhance health and Longevity, supporting everyone with innovative approaches to nutrition. Uptok's video technology has enabled us to realise our mission by helping our customers with personalized expert advice from initial consideration to purchase and throughout their journey. We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life, at a whole different level of human-to-human customer engagement.

Andrea Ghirardi
CEO & President, L-Nutra Europe



A great customer experience pays off even more after the purchase.

Over 50% of the calls received were post-purchase inquiries, spanning various stages of the ProLon journey. Establishing a connection through video fosters customer loyalty, leading to higher retention and repeat business.

After analyzing the calls, it is very evident that ProLon is building lifelong relationships with its customers and the first purchase is only the beginning of a loyal relationship.

Overcome the trust barrier within seconds over 1:1 video.

ProLon saw 55% of customers turn on their cameras, and all callers ask detailed questions and engaged in a full consultation before, during, and after purchasing.

Clearly, optimizing one’s health doesn’t happen overnight and customers need ongoing support.

A discount code shared over video is not a loss of revenue, but a gain of appreciation.

Former customers frequently inquire about new products, providing ProLon with the opportunity to solidify their brand loyalty.

ProLon nutritionists are trained to offer personalized discount codes, which not only help convert customers but are also perceived as genuine value. This approach contrasts with the impersonal nature of discounts in human-less e-commerce transactions, where customers often view them as expected rather than special.

Customers appreciate being served on their terms.

ProLon customers are making life-changing decisions about their health, and instant guidance is exactly what customers need to finalize their purchase and continue the cycle.

Customers called in no matter where they were: on the go, at home, and at work. Uptok allows ProLon customers to fit the consultation into their life, not the other way around.

People don't buy things; they buy a better version of themselves. That's more true in a health & wellness purchases than any other category.

I am excited about our partnership with L-Nutra, because its leadership knows how important it is to add value to each customer's experience through personalized consultation.

Kashif Zaman
CEO - Uptok Inc.


The future of health and wellness consultations

ProLon is taking the next steps to make video commerce a permanent part of their brand in Italy, with global expansion plans.

The entire Uptok team is inspired by ProLon’s dedication to their customers, and plan to use this as a launchpad for further ventures within the health and wellness industry.