1:1 Video Customer Service

From post-purchase onboarding and installation help to live troubleshooting, serve your most-valued customers face-to-face, remotely. Minimize returns and improve customer satisfaction.

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Elevate Your Customer Service with Face-to-Face Support

Integrate the personal touch of 1:1 real-time video chat into your omnichannel strategy. This approach adds a face-to-face dimension to your customer interactions, making it easier and more effective to solve problems, and ensuring a cohesive experience across all service channels.


Anticipating Customer Needs with Intelligent Routing

Uptok integrates with your CRM, employing AI for precise routing, including predictive behavioral routing, which factors in customer profiles and preferences when assigning them to an agent


Personalized Support with Real-Time Interactions

Agents can directly send videos, products and files during calls, offering a more interactive and personalized support experience. This not only speeds up issue resolution but also enhances customer engagement, making each interaction more effective and informative.


Face-to-Face Interaction On-the-Go
Our video contact center solution brings face-to-face customer support to any location. Customers can easily connect with your agents in real-time, whether at home or on the move, ensuring consistent and convenient service.


Smart Cue-Cards for Better Conversations
Use smart cue-cards to help agents during calls. These cards show useful information and tips right when they're needed, making sure agents have the best answers ready. This tool makes conversations smoother and helps solve customer issues faster.


Demo products, build quotes, configure orders
Live video is a new unexpected idea for websites but don't worry. Our experience ensures that the customer never feels anxious about their privacy.


Engage your customers in exceptional ways with our leading video-enabled contact center solution.

Digital Walk-ins Welcome

Our AI-driven intent detection technology maximizes face-time between VIP customers and your service experts to increase customer satisfaction while improving call efficiency and capacity to serve.
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Lights. Camera. Serve!

Post-Purchase Video Help
For those overwhelming moments after unboxing complex products.
1-on-1 How-to Sessions
Real time video customer support calls for education and product onboarding.
1:1 Video for Loyalty
Offer your VIP customers a video-first experience on their customer portals.
Premium On-demand Support
Use every support interaction as a human-to-human relationship opportunity.
1:1 On-Camera Troubleshooting
No guess work. Use live video to assess and solve the customer's problem.
Video for your Call Center
Add a white-glove video option for high value-customers to your existing workflow.


The Ultimate Persuasion Station

Smart queue
Prospects requesting a session
Customer info card
Capture info during session
High intent customers
Stream and greet
Suggest products
Upsell, cross sell...
Customer's activity
Follow along their journey
Discount Codes
Personalized, fully integrated
A modern and intuitive workspace lets you run the show like a pro.
Uptok's intent awareness technology is very powerful in serving customers who need help with their last minute questions before making the leap to conversion.

Erik Mandell — CEO - Just Candy
It is a very intelligent platform. What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.

Jakub D., Ecommerce — LG Brand Store
We are excited about the prospects of our strategic partnership with Uptok in bringing our value proposition to life at a whole different level.

Andrea Ghirardi — CEO L-Nutra Europe
Uptok enabled our budtenders to offer a personal approach that they hadn't been able to provide before.

Kristie Shaw — VP Store Ops - Mission Dispensaries

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Our customer success team will be there every step of the way to rehumanize your shopper's experience.

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What's Digital Customer Service? And Why Does Your Business Need it?
The emergence of digital sales channels has created a new set of problems for customers and businesses: getting all of the information needed to finish the purchase and waiting on hold with customer service if an issue arises after the sale. By implementing technologies that can support your company's digital messaging services, you will enhance the customer experience along with your business.