Video Chat for Luxury Retail

Special attention. Exclusive service. Memorable experience. That's is the lifeblood of a luxury brand. There's nothing more special than serving customers in-person. On video. This is your game-changer!

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What is Uptok?


Active shoppers are placed in a queue or are immediately connected to their concierge. The virtual shopping sessions run seamlessly from page to page and allow your lux shoppers to use just audio or turn their camera on.

Offer live 1-on-1 video shopping sessions


Active shoppers deserve proactive assistance

Our sophisticated algorithm looks for active shoppers with the highest intent to buy. You can greet them with a non-intrusive silent video stream, indicating that you are available to help or consult.

Salesperson serving shoppers on Uptok video shopping platform


A goldmine of customer data built with trust

There is an established trust in the conversation between two real people. That is why information collected in these video sessions is the purest form of your first party data.

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions

The Uptok Blog

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Luxury Items Online
Selling luxury items online can requires more than nice product photography and text descriptions. It requires a way to make shoppers feel exclusive. The key is knowing how to manage the process. You’ll find that luxury items go for a lot more than other types of products, and that second-hand clothes online, especially high-end, is a massive market and selling better than ever these days.
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When it comes to marketing your business, you probably know how important it is to understand your target audience. If you want to grow, you need to be sure people who are looking for what you offer will find your site. For many businesses, eCommerce (electronic commerce) provides that opportunity.