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Clienteling 2023: A New Generation of Clienteling

March 24, 2023

Clienteling is an age-old practice intended to build relationships between a brand and its target consumers. The word became a hot topic last year in the digital marketing landscape, and it still echoes throughout 2022. The tools and apps available now make it easier than ever before to create a robust omnichannel retail strategy.

It transcends data collection and analysis alone and goes beyond traditional customer service recommendations. Retail clienteling weaves together all these elements of retail and specifically e-commerce growth to deliver exactly what the customer wants the way they want to receive it. It includes customer relationship management, quality service from start to finish, and careful tracking of every cause-and-effect throughout the marketing and sales funnel experience to make improvements every step of the way.

Modern Clienteling Is Increasingly Definitive

In most cases, when e-commerce experts talk about digital clienteling today, they refer to the tools and processes used to make this activity work well. Every detail that goes into the best customer satisfaction experience falls under this umbrella. It is important to understand that individual strategies or separate actions do not make up modern clienteling. Instead, it encapsulates a complex journey that combines brand goals with the type of personalized experience that creates long-term, consumer-centric relationships.

A McKinsey & Co. report reveals that 83% of retail customers want a more personal and unique experience when it comes to both brick-and-mortar and online shopping. If consumer-focused brands can deliver that, they can create a dedicated fan base and group of repeat customers who drive revenue ever higher and recommend products to their family, friends, and social media followers.

How can a company make this happen? 

By using current technology focused on improved retail clienteling, you can elevate every part of the sales process and make it more efficient and productive. The ability to collect highly specific metrics gives you the power to make changes that serve unique customer needs better. Best of all, you do not have to rely on general marketing strategies that may or may not work. The data collection and strong analysis makes it possible to tweak the holistic experience for individuals more effectively. It is commonly said about 20% of any company’s customers produce 70% of sales revenue. If you have the power to give them exactly the experience they want, that market segment can drive success ever upward.

The Latest Digital Tech Focused on Clienteling

Tools for clienteling improve all the time as technology advances and understanding of consumer mindsets and interests get stronger. Consider the following options when enhancing your omnichannel retail strategy.

Alpha This suite of apps promotes connected clienteling with a human touch. They offer a variety of 1-on-1 chat options, style features, and client outreach systems.

Immerss A combination of live shopping capabilities and robust data collection helps you focus on a more human approach to e-commerce. The goal is to mimic the in-store shopping experience as closely as possible.

TulipWith the help of 360-degree customer profiles, this brand creates personalized solutions for your clienteling needs. Together, the features elevate your brand's productivity and satisfaction of every customer.

Gladly – Customer service is a huge part of today’s retail expectation. An omnichannel approach helps you grab attention and serve individual shoppers exactly how they want. Video, text chat, voice, and more gets results with a highly targeted approach.

Improve digital retail clienteling today with the adoption of robust software options. The latest tech tools can make all the difference between struggling and succeeding as an online retailer.