Jump-start your startup. Face-to-face.

Build your customers with a human experience on your website. Wave hello to incoming shoppers. Conduct 1-on-1  sessions. Answer questions, demo products, suggest options and offer discounts — all in one seamless live commerce experience.

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What is Uptok?


Engage with your customers face-to-face

Potential customers seeking help are placed in a queue or are immediately connected to a live salesperson on your team. The sessions run seamlessly from page to page and allow shoppers to use just audio or turn their camera on—it's up to them.

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions


Active shoppers deserve proactive assistance

Our  sophisticated algorithm looks for active shoppers with the highest intent to buy. You can greet them with a non-intrusive silent video stream, indicating that you are available to help. Wave hello and help away!

Stream and greet shoppers on Uptok


Witness the moment of truth. Learn and Optimize

Real insights are the life-blood of your startup. Face-to-face conversations add the element of trust online businesses stave for. Collect information with shopper's consent and build your first-party data like never before.

Uptok workspace to conduct video sessions

Sky is the limit!

Complex products
Tame complexity for shoppers
Experiential brands
Offer the human experience
1:1 meetings next to the catalog
Collection Orders
Build multi-item orders together
Design Centers
Curate the perfect look
Walk-ins are now welcome
Make eye contact. Now it's personal
Luxury Brands
Make it special.