1:1 Video Chat for eCommerce Websites

Offer video shopping sessions to the highest-intent shoppers on your e-commerce site. Conduct live demos, suggest products, and offer discounts—all in one seamless experience.

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Wave hello. Win hearts!

No clunky chat bots. No annoying forms to fill. Uptok is a human-first experience. We help you sell to the most active shoppers now.

Intent Detection Works!

Our AI-driven intent detection technology maximizes face-time between the highest-intent shoppers and your sales team to significantly increase conversion.

Return on Video / Salesperson

Let’s do the math for your business
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A no-brainer for DTC brands

Complex Purchases
Big ticket items, complex purchases where unaided conversion is low
Luxury Brands
Offer exclusive 1:1 white glove service and make your customers feel special
Furniture & Home Furnishings
Custom furniture shopping needs a consultation. Why not on the website?
It's not just conversions and experience. You can dramatically reduce returns too.
Made-to-order Products
No digital experience converts better than a human experience for customization
Bring the dispensary to the living rooms of your curious cannabis shoppers


The Ultimate Persuasion Station

Smart queue
Shoppers requesting a session
Shopper Info card
Jot down their name, email, etc.
High-intent shoppers
o be greeted via video stream
Suggest products
Upsell, cross sell...
Shopper’s activity
Follow along their journey
Discount codes
enerated live, ready to redeem
A modern and intuitive workspace lets you tun the show like a pro.
See How It Works
Uptok's Co-founder, Emily offers a wakeup call to all eCommerce businesses.


The most customizable Live Commerce Solution on the planet
Custom intent detection 
unique to your business
Customizable shopper’s experience
Compliance and security features
Privacy & consent management
Seamless integrations with your text chat
Extensive audio & video settings
Remote video routing by 
location or specialty
Any language with customizable messaging
Dedicated agile team for 
fast integrations
Everything is on the menu.
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Uptok is the most user friendly video chat app, with thoughtfully integrated features for each step of the customer journey.

It is a very intelligent platform. What I love about Uptok is how dedicated the team is to make their customers successful.

Jakub D., Ecommerce — LG Brand Store

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Our customer success team will be there every step of the way to rehumanize your shopper's experience.