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4 Ways to Effectively Own Your Marketing Channels

October 7, 2022

As competition across all niches increases in e-commerce, brands who have a marketing strategy centered around paid advertising are feeling the effects of crowded markets. These types of marketing strategies grow ever more expensive and are becoming less efficient for many brands. The good news is that companies do not have to solely rely on a paid marketing strategy anymore. 

OWN Your Marketing Channels 

Reevaluate your current marketing strategy and enhance it with the following marketing solutions. By building a diverse, consumer-centric marketing strategy, you can better engage with your audience and propel your brand into a true online success.

1 – Create a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Strategy

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, so too must the methods that brands use to reach and engage consumers. A DTC marketing strategy is one that allows a company to connect with its customers without going through a middleman. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the most effective is through video.

Video selling and live chat marketing offers a way for brands to tell their story in an engaging and visually appealing way. It also allows company representatives to communicate with customers on a more personal level. When done correctly, video can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for building customer loyalty.

2 – Shoppable Videos

Videos are great ways to show off how products look and function. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. However, simply filming an item displayed attractively or in use will not get you the results you want from every consumer. Shoppable videos are the next step in digital marketing success.

Video marketing solutions not only help display your products in the best light possible, but they also allow for immediate purchases. Embedded links inside the video makes it easy for shoppers to tap, add to their shopping cart, and then check out in a seamless process. This is the level of convenience that consumers expect from an ideal user experience. 

3 – Email and Text Remarketing

Text-based content and communication still offers amazing returns on both financial and time investments. E-commerce brands benefit specifically from email and text remarketing that leverages initial interest into action. Wunderkind marketing offers comprehensive services that increase opt in levels, boost the power of 1-to-1 messaging, and make brands virtually unforgettable in their markets. 

Remarketing to people who have already expressed some interest is an exceptionally powerful way to increase revenue and long-term reputation gains. Companies use both email lists and text messages to reach potential customers more effectively. Personalized and highly targeted content increases brand recognition and reputation. It is also an exceptionally powerful way to drive immediate sales because the consumers are already well underway to a final purchase decision.

4 – One-to-One Video Conferencing

What do people want from online retail establishments these days? Although the convenience of shop at home capabilities top the list, consumers do not want to give up the personal touch that helps them make final purchasing decisions. This is where Uptok video commerce comes in. The ability to have a productive conversation with individual shoppers allows for an incredibly high degree of engagement that you cannot create with the website alone. Add in a robust platform with user-friendly features like direct ordering and live chat, and the amazing results speak for themselves.

Forget old-fashioned paid advertising methods that do not get you the results you want. Today’s e-commerce success depends on delivering a more personal and branded experience directly to consumers. Whether you focus on email and text retargeting, one-to-one videoconferencing, an enhanced DTC marketing strategy or any other method that uses emerging technology well, you can greatly increase your chance of becoming a household name in your e-commerce niche.