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Bridging the Gap Between Online Vacation Booking and Personalized Service

September 11, 2023

The resort industry has always been known for its friendly, personalized touch, with skilled staff members creating amazing guest experiences. But with online booking platforms taking over, it's a bit tricky to keep up that same level of service while staying up-to-date with guests' changing needs and tech trends. No worries, though! By making the most of staff expertise on resort websites and adding cool features like video chat, we can still guarantee fabulous experiences, despite the prevalence of online bookings.

Creating a Seamless Connection:

A study by Expedia Group revealed that 69% of respondents cited insufficient information as a top pain point when booking online. Travelers desire comprehensive information about accommodations, amenities, and local attractions to make informed decisions. By adding video chat or real-time audio calls with staff to hotel and resort websites, they can create a perfect blend of digital ease and good ol' human touch. Guests can tap into the treasure trove of knowledge held by resort staff, making sure their vacation  is customized just the way they like it. As a result, resorts can maintain a competitive edge while fostering greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Building Trust and Rapport:

Integrating video chat on a hotel or resort website enables potential guests to connect directly with staff, creating an engaging and personalized experience. This interaction fosters trust and rapport, making customers more receptive to recommendations and upselling opportunities. A survey conducted by Phocuswright found that 65% of U.S. travelers believe that trust is essential when booking vacations online. In an increasingly digital world, offering a human touch distinguishes your brand from competitors and sets the foundation for a memorable guest experience.

Real-Time Upselling and Personalization:

Video chat empowers staff to assess potential guests' preferences and requirements during the booking process, providing tailored recommendations on events, experiences, and room upgrades. As staff gain insights into guests' expectations, they can suggest relevant activities or upgrades, leading to increased upselling opportunities and revenue growth.

Elevating the Guest Experience:

Concierge-style video chat not only enables upselling but also enhances the overall guest experience. By offering personalized suggestions during booking, staff can create a customized and memorable stay for guests, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. This added value encourages guests to return for future visits and recommend your hotel or resort to others.

Showcasing Expertise and Offerings:

Video chat allows expert staff to showcase the unique offerings of a hotel or resort. Through interactive consultations, staff can share their knowledge about local attractions, on-site amenities, and upcoming events, providing a comprehensive understanding of what guests can expect during their stay. This level of detail and personalization leaves a lasting impression and creates an unmatched booking experience.

Incorporating concierge-style video chat on hotel and resort websites offers a powerful opportunity to upsell events, experiences, and room upgrades in real-time while enhancing guest experiences. Embracing this technology allows hotels and resorts to leverage staff expertise, establish trust, and provide personalized recommendations that cater to guests' unique needs. Adopting video chat is an innovative way to drive revenue growth, differentiate your brand, and create exceptional experiences that encourage guests to return for their next vacation.