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Customizable Furniture offerings — the Hottest New Trend in Online Furniture Shopping

July 18, 2022

Mass-produced furniture has provided shoppers with ‘good enough’ options for years. However, with the increase in online retail and redefined expectations for consumer satisfaction, consumers' expectations have shifted towards customized furniture made to their specifications and delivered directly to their door.

Customers want their furniture to be unique and express their personality and individuality. In order to satisfy these changing expectations, the best couch manufacturers and other upholstered furniture businesses must offer options. This mainstream shift means brands must adopt interactive experiences and ramp up customer service using modern integrated technology. Company success depends on easy access to personal service that increases both real and perceived value for targeted furniture buyers.

Consumer Expectations Change in the Digital Age

Furniture buyers do not want the same thing as everyone else these days. Instead, they want couches and other pieces that fit in their ‘ideal’ vision for their space. Rather than resigning to purchasing a couch with a color or fabric that deviates from this vision, they are working with companies who cater to their ‘dream space’. Companies who, when it comes to upholstery, fabric, size, and shape, have the most diverse options available.

The shift to e-commerce models and the convenience of online purchases and delivery is not enough to grab consumer attention. Customizable furniture retailers like Wayfair and direct-to-consumer brands like Joybird and Inside Weather all offer custom pieces. This has made them some of the most popular brands for home goods on the Internet.

Integrated Tech Gives Shoppers the Options They Want

The experience a shopper has when accessing customization options is as critical as making them available on your site. Clicking on fabric swatches gives some indication of their color and texture. However, they cannot envision the piece in their home without a 3D representation of the final product. When it comes to furniture ecommerce merchandising, the ability to display the product from all angles and alter it with all custom options on board is an essential part of shopping expectations. 

Technological needs go far beyond the creation of digital twins for a custom-designed couch or chair, however. Although user-friendly systems and self-directed customization matter, shoppers still need customer support to get the information or assistance they need. It takes more than an email address, phone number, or secure contact form to make the right impression.


Selling Custom Furniture Requires More Customer Support

Sales support takes on a new role when consumers hunger for virtual customization of any item. Unfortunately, the ability to select size, shape, color, and fabric on the best 3D models does not minimize the risk of dissatisfaction and returns. Also, the shopping experience itself may require more interaction. Some people may not understand the process or have questions about the additional options available to them.

In the far past, a shop representative would come to a potential customer’s home with a collection of swatches and measuring tape. They would work face-to-face to choose the best option for the home style, color scheme, and family lifestyle needs. Today, this level of dedicated customer service is re-created with the help of video chat with a furniture consultant.


Video Chat Offers Support for Custom Furniture Sales. Is Customized Furniture the New Norm for the Online Shopper? 

People interested in buying new custom furniture online for their home expect customization options from trusted brands these days. Online shoppers as a whole expect stellar customer service with a personal touch. Furniture brands and home design specialists can offer on-demand, one-on-one consultations, answer questions immediately, and help guide purchasing decisions. By using a platform like Uptok, retailers get so much more than video chat. This system integrates with product lists and customization options and allows for hands-on help throughout the entire purchasing process.

 Also, a furniture consultation over video can help manage dissatisfied customers in a way that minimizes expensive returns and leads to an overall higher satisfaction rating. It all comes down to a personal commitment to helping furniture shoppers every step of the way.

When it comes to buying furniture these days, people are not satisfied with ‘good enough’ anymore. Not only do they expect a seamless and secure ecommerce process, but they also want a level of personal attention and interaction that demonstrates a company’s focus on their needs. By integrating a shop-focus video chat system with their ecommerce site, customizable furniture sellers can deliver exactly what today’s buyer wants.