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How Live Commerce Can Disrupt the Customer Experience Game and Boost Sales

May 31, 2022

The retail industry is ever evolving, and after the pandemic forced retail stores to shut their doors, changes were implemented that transformed the shopping experience forever. Brands were forced to adapt to stay afloat and create conveniences for online shoppers. With retail stores back in full swing, it’s clear that while people enjoy the convenience of having a live person to be able to assist them,they still prefer shopping from the convenience of their home. 

That’s where livecommerce has come in and once again changed the shopping experience for the better. Live commerce allows you to sell products online through live video,allowing shoppers to experience brands face-to-face in real-time. Online retail stores can use live commerce to connect with their customers in several ways; enabling them to remain where they feel most comfortable while allowing for meaningful interactions. Live commerce is the shopping experience missing from retail from day one. 

The buying decision process for a consumer is lengthy, they traditionally have to read descriptions, look through reviews, and make educated guesses to know if the product fits their needs. When a shopper has access to live commerce, they get a unique opportunity to manage this decision-making process in real-time. Withlive commerce, consumers can see a real person handling the product and answering their frequently asked questions, resulting in an overall more valuable online shopping experience.

There are many benefits for retail stores and eCommerce shops to utilize live commerce.


One-To-One Live Commerce –Retail stores can create a personalized shopping experience easily and conveniently for both parties. Whether it’s an eCommerce store or a store with both brick and mortar and online shopping, online customers can have real-time discussions about products that make them feel more confident with their purchase decision.


Video Chat for Online Shops –Online shops face unique challenges in connecting with their customers.Enabling video chat for eCommerce shops allows customers to build a connection and ask questions about products before buying, just like asking an in-store retail representative.


Increase Online Conversions –Interactions between online consumers and a real brand representative is an effective marketing strategy that leads to higher online conversion rates. People who can interact are more likely to purchase when they can see and experience the product in real-time. 


Live commerce is transforming the shopping experience for consumers in a revolutionary way. More businesses are starting to integrate a live commerce experience for their customers to increase their sales and drive more traffic to their online shops.Video content has a lot of power in ways that create a unique shopping experience and gives online shops new ways to showcase their products.


Increase your selling potential by adding live commerce to your online store. Try Uptok video chat for 14 days free for your store and find out how it can drive more traffic to your business and increase your sales.